With more than three-fourths of editors planning to publish between one and ten guest posts weekly, guest blogging is still alive and kicking as a great way to increase exposure and website traffic. Moreover, for close to 63% of readers, the multitude of authors contribute to the greater credibility of a blog.

Building the blog credibility

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So, provided your piece is not over-promotional, editors are open to adding contributed content, which diversifies their blog subjects, brings fresh ideas, and attracts new audiences.

All you need to do is go out there and send as many pitches as you can. To do so, you need to find editors’ contact details first. As simple as it may sound, finding email addresses involves some turns and twists.

You’re likely to face difficulties identifying relevant contacts and searching for and verifying their emails. This is critical as landing in the wrong inbox would be a waste of time and effort, not to mention the fact that it would question the effectiveness of your professional approach.

How can you ensure that your guest post pitch hits the target recipient?

To help you identify the best solution for your needs, I’ve highlighted the most effective email finder tools for guest post outreach. You’ll also get valuable tips that have helped me find the right person responsible for guest blogging, PR, affiliate, or cooperation.

Let’s get started with the vital question. How to find an email address?

Best Email Finder Tools

An email finder can help you get the contacts you need for your guest post outreach campaigns. In my practice, I’m using both free and paid tools to find a person’s email. How to choose the solution that will work for you?

The most important features of email lookup tools are easy integration, bulk email search and verification, advanced reporting, and a domain search option. These capabilities increase the efficiency of the process and can save valuable time.

Let’s look at the four email finders that work best for me and discuss their key features, advantages, and pricing.

Apollo Email Finder


Definitely, this is the best email finder that I use. It’s a sales and engagement platform that uses data intelligence and automated workflows to help companies acquire insights, target prospects, and improve growth strategies.

Apollo constantly monitors the database, providing real-time data and suggesting potential customers. The platform also enables you to automate your emails to engage with your leads easier.

This personal email finder has the email addresses of almost all companies. Its database contains more than 220M leads and 30M businesses with accurate information. Moreover, the platform will inform you when a decision-maker changes their position. This allows you to find the email addresses of the people you want to reach out even if you only have their first names.

Search emails by names in Apollo

The search and filter tools allow searching leads by name, title, company, number of employees, location, and more. For example, I sort the list as per the job title, by searching for – content manager, editor, marketing, etc.

Also, with its wide range of intelligence capabilities, Apollo provides insight and a “score” about decision-makers, so you can better craft your messages.

Search emails by job titles in Apollo

Apollo pricing

There are four plans that you can choose from, with many features that make Apollo worthwhile. You can pay monthly or annually:

  • Free plan – it’s best if you are just getting started, and you want to test Apollo. In short, you will have basic features like basic sequence automation with a limit of 2 sequences, basic filters, 250 emails to send daily, limited API access, and LinkedIn and Gmail extensions. However, it is limited in moving the relationship with your prospects to the next level.
  • Basic – $49 per user, per month. You get access to important features such as advanced filters (job postings, revenue, ranking, department sizes), rules engine, custom fields, CSV export, and more. The basic plan allows you to create unlimited sequences and send unlimited emails.
  • Professional – $99 per user, per month. This package provides access to Apollo.io features like dialer, call recording, custom stages, and more.
  • Custom – You need to speak with Apollo’s sales team since you have to choose what you need. Note that you will need to have full outbound teams.

If you’re still unsure about Apollo, they offer a 14-day trial for the Basic and Professional plan.

Clearbit Connect Email Finder

Clearbit Connect

Clearbit Connect is another great tool that is absolutely free. It is a Gmail extension that enables you to find contacts’ email addresses based on domain or company name without leaving your inbox. The platform provides 100 free searchers per user per month.

The installation process is quite easy. All you have to do is install the Gmail extension and connect it with your account, and you can start searching. Enter the organization’s name that you want to contact, and Clearbit Connect will provide the contacts available at that company.

Clearbit Connect Chrome Extension

You can also search by name or job title and discover locations, social profiles, company size, and email addresses. By entering “marketing”, “content”, or other keywords in the search field, you’ll have the contacts sorted as per their role in the company.

Hunter.io Email Finder


Hunter.io is an email verifier tool for discovering business email addresses, and it’s one of the most accurate tools for finding emails.

Hunter.io features a domain search function that allows you to see all email addresses linked to a domain. You only need to paste the domain data, click the search icon, and the platform will generate a list of people who are registered to the particular domain.

You can also use the email verifier function. It’s useful for bigger campaigns as it verifies the email address, determines whether you can send emails, and provides the status of the domain’s server.

Hunter.io check multiple emails

If you have a long list of leads, Hunter.io offers a bulk functionality, allowing you to run the operations for the whole list instead of searching for the individual entries separately.

How to contact a blogger with Hunter.io

Hunter.io features the Author Finder function, making it easy to find the email addresses of bloggers or the people responsible for website content, marketing, and communication. Simply visit the Author Finder page and paste the article URL of the author you want to find.

Find the author by URL

Based on the available sources, the platform will provide the email address you’re looking for. If there are none, it will suggest the email address by the domain pattern, and will automatically verify it. Then you can save the contact as a lead and send an email directly from the Hunter.io platform.

Hunter Pricing

  • Free version – If you want to give it a try and see if this is the right tool for you, Hunter.io will give you 25 searches and 50 email verifications and domain search results limited to 10 email addresses. It’s a great way to understand your sales needs.
  • Starter – The plan starts at $49/month and provides you with 500 searches, 1,000 verifications, full results of domain searches, full exports, campaigns premium features, as well as priority support.
  • Growth – The price for this plan is $99/month. It gives you everything from the Starter plan, 2,500 searches, and 5,000 verifications.
  • Pro – Starting from $199/month, you get all the features from Growth plus 10,000 searches and 20,000 verifications.
  • Enterprise – The price for the last plan is $399/month, giving you all from the Pro plan plus 30,000 searches and 60,000 verifications.

It’s obvious that the only difference between the plans is the number of searches and verifications. You can begin with the Starter package and upgrade your plan as you grow.

VoilaNorbert Email Finder Tool


VoilaNorbert is an email address verification and lead intelligence software. It’s designed to help you verify in real-time all the email addresses of your email contacts, so you can be sure that you reach real people and that you may get a reply from them. Moreover, you can schedule emails at your desired time and date. VoilaNorbert also helps you discover the email addresses of content writers and publishers you want to pitch for guest posting.

Keep in mind that it is important to send email messages to a valid email address. Sending emails to incorrect addresses will affect your rating as a sender, which may result in triggering your other emails as spam.

Norbert also removes any duplicate email addresses, invalid email address formats, and any inactive, or invalid domains, detects misspellings in addresses, and checks the syntactic correctness.

How to find an email address with VoilaNorbert

I mainly use this tool to find someone’s email by putting their name and the website of the company they work for. The process is quite easy and straightforward:

  1. Go to “Manual” in the “Prospecting” section
  2. Write the at least first name, last name, and the domain URL
  3. Hit the “GO AHEAD, NORBERT!” button and you’re ready

The software will need a couple of seconds to find the email address. You can also see a confidence rate(how sure is VoilaNorbert about the correctness of the email address) and additional data about the prospect.


You can try VoilaNorbert for free by signing in on their website. The platform gives you 50 free credits once you create an account. If you need to find more email addresses, the platform offers four plans:

  • Valet – Starting from $49/month for up to 1,000 leads/month
  • Butler – $99/month and up to 5,000 leads/month
  • Advisor – $249/month and up to 15,000 leads/month
  • Counselor – $499/month and up to 50,000 leads/month

If you don’t need to verify many emails you can opt for the pay-as-you-go option starting at $2 for 500 emails. You can also enrich email lists starting from $4 for 100 emails to enrich.

Level up your guest post outreach

There are many great tools that can help you find a person’s email. I have highlighted the best options that I use actively and have proven effective for my guest blogging outreach campaigns.

To make the email finding more successful, you can follow these tested top tips:

  • To increase the accuracy and reliability of the results, use several tools at once to find the proper contact details. Note that, if the rest of the tools I use can’t find the emails I’m looking for, Apollo definitely does.
  • I highly recommend that you check the About Us/Our Team and Contact Us pages. They are most likely to contain the contact details of team members, which would be particularly helpful in case you haven’t decided on the right tool yet.
  • If you’re wondering how to contact blogs’ authors, the majority of posts provide the blogger’s name. You can find their contact details easily by looking at the writer section.

Now that you know the name of the game, it’s time to identify the websites whose audiences are similar to your target. This is where you should go for your guest posting efforts. All you need to do is find the relevant emails and shoot your guest blog pitch.


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