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Did you know that in 2021, spam accounted for 45.4% of email traffic? Email subject lines are a critical component of your guest post pitches. Get them wrong, and your emails will likely be ignored or go straight to the trash.

The perfect subject line is what catches the reader’s eye and makes them want to read your message.

In this article, you will find inspiring subject line examples for your next guest post outreach. We’ve also collected practical tips to help level up your game.

Let’s get started.

The importance of email subject lines for guest post outreaches

Nearly every person’s inbox is overloaded with an abundance of emails. In fact, based on the subject line alone, 47% of recipients decide whether to open the email. So, the subject line can make or break your guest post pitch before your recipient even opens your email. A great one stands out from the crowd and grabs the recipient’s attention.

That’s why it’s essential to compose great subject lines for your guest post outreach campaigns. How can you make sure you do it right? We’ve collected X inspirational examples for you to copy, paste, apply small changes (if necessary), and send to get a reply.

20 Great email subject line examples for your inspiration

The subject line is the first thing a recipient sees, and it should make them want to read what you’ve written inside.

We’ve arranged the following examples into categories, so they’re clearer and better organized.

“Guest post request” subject lines

This is an effective option as you help the recipient immediately understand the purpose of your outreach.

So, if they’re open to collaboration at the moment, they’ll definitely read your message.

  1. Guest post proposal
  2. Guest post request for {targeted website}
  3. Request: Guest post ideas for {targeted website}

“High-quality articles” subject lines

Let’s face it. If you position yourself as an expert, people will be more likely to trust you. Convince your recipients that they can count on you for crafting an article that their blog will benefit from posting.

  1. High-quality guest post request
  2. High-quality articles for your blog
  3. Can {your company} submit high-quality content for you?
  4. Do you accept high-quality guest posts?
  5. Excellent content for {targeted website}

“Great blog post ideas” subject lines that add value

Show your recipients that you’ve put effort into researching topics relevant to their blog and would make a perfect addition. This is a great way to engage with your readers when it comes to their website’s content; they’d love to hear what you have for them.

For example, if the prospect’s blog talks about dogs only, you can write something like Dog Training: A guest post idea for your blog. Here are a couple of more examples for this category:

  1. Great content ideas for your blog
  2. Blog ideas your readers will love
  3. A quick blog post idea for {targeted website}
  4. Useful blog post ideas for {targeted website}
  5. Resources list for {business name}
  6. Some content to go on {relevant topic}

“Contribution offer” subject lines

Implying that it’s not just you but your whole organization that is willing to collaborate can sound more convincing.

  1. {Your company} should be your next contributor!
  2. {Your company} wants to contribute to {targeted website}
  3. {Name}, need traffic for your blog/website?

“Leave the tedious job to me” subject lines

Constantly producing blog content can be challenging. Generating new ideas, writing them down, editing, and proofreading take a lot of time and effort. Let your recipient know you’re willing to take care of their next blog post.

  1.  {website}’s next blog post. All the hard work is mine
  2.  {website}’s next blog post. Leave the hard work to us
  3. {Name}, fancy your next blog post expertly crafted for you?

Note that these subject lines can end a little longer, depending on the company name.

So, before writing your email, think about the subject line. What would entice your recipient to read your message? How can you evoke a positive impression at first sight to be sure you’ll get a reply?

Remember, you want to stand out, not blend in. Here are some tested tips to make your life easier.

5 Best practices to craft the perfect email subject line

With so many people sending emails and asking for resources, catching your recipient’s eye can be difficult. However, this doesn’t mean that you should give up. Instead, following some best practices when writing your email subject lines is essential.

Get personal

Use the recipient’s name in your subject line. This trick has been used repeatedly by marketers who want their emails to stand out, and it works! Personalized subject lines can increase the open rate of your emails by 50%.

Adding their first name can make recipients feel more connected with you, making them more likely to open the message when they see it in their inboxes.

Don’t have their names? Some email finder solutions, such as Clearbit Connect, provide the relevant contact at the company you want to contact after entering its name. You can look at the best email finder tools discussed in our blog.

Another way to add a personal touch to your subject lines is to think of original ways to include their company name or location in your subject line.

Now that you know the power of personalization, use this technique whenever you can.

Neither too long nor too short

A subject line that’s too long or short can decrease your open rates. Keep it between 36 and 50 characters. This length will ensure that your email gets read. Longer subject lines will be cut off, and the recipient might skip over or delete your message immediately. On the other hand, short subject lines can prevent you from clearly stating your goal and make you sound vague. Remember that you need to be specific in what you ask for to help the reader quickly figure out why you’re reaching out to them.

Take advantage of helpful tools when doing guest posting outreach

Sending guest post pitches can be a time-consuming and tedious process. Consider using tools that can clear your way.


BuzzStream helps you build and segment your contact lists to organize and set your guest post outreach email campaigns easily. It features customizable templates to send the same emails to different recipients. BuzzStream also allows you to track response rates and gives you valuable insights so that you can tailor your pitch accordingly. The app also suggested some possible contact details of people working in the company you will reach.


If you send out many emails, it’s easy to make a typo or two, even when careful. This can make you sound unprofessional and reduce the effectiveness of your outreach. Grammarly is an advanced proofreading and grammar-checking tool that can help you avoid grammar mistakes in your subject lines and email messages. It will check for errors and problems with sentence structure and punctuation, such as unnecessary commas or quotation marks.

Avoid being marked as SPAM

Did you know that the average percentage of emails caught up by spam filters is 15.8 for all email tools? So, avoid using spam-triggering words in your subject lines. People are sensitive to such words, as they rarely deliver on their promises.

Also, email providers have their spam complaint rate limit. If you cross it, they might suspend your email. HubSpot’s spam report limit, for example, is 0.1%.

Test and improve

A/B testing is a method of experimentation to determine the effect of changes on some metric. The best way to figure out which subject line works is to test them. For example, send two different versions of the same email subject line to two different groups of people. Then, compare their open rates, see which one performed better, and use it for your next guest post outreach.

Time to get your guest post pitches accepted

These subject line tips and ideas will surely bring some inspiration for your next guest post outreach campaign.

Also, put yourself in your recipient’s shoes and think of the subject lines that would make you open and read the emails. Which emails in your inbox have you clicked on?

Combine the strategies and come up with subject line ideas. See how they perform and keep improving. Consistency is the key to getting noticed and read.

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